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SheWorth is a nonprofit that focuses on not only empowering females of all ages but helping them understand one another and strengthen their relationships.


Our Mission

SheWorth was formed to empower and strengthen females of all ages and backgrounds to acknowledge their self-worth. Educating them to develop social skills and achieve goals through leadership and mentoring, all while building unified relationships and supporting one another.

Our Mission

The vision of SheWorth is to help females of all ages, groups, and backgrounds to evaluate who they really are: to see themselves as highly valued individuals with purpose that the world cannot do without. To be strong and resilient no matter the past or present. To laugh without fear, Walk with confidence, knowing that they will rise above all adversity while holding the hand of another. To change the world, bringing the sisterhood closer together ultimately bringing families back together. Union!


Our Vision

Our Values

Integrity, Diversity, Passion, Service & Stewardship, Character & Relationship, Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Community & Collaboration, and Staying Teachable  

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