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Teenagers in Nature

“We STILL believe it takes a village.”

Our Mission

SheWorth was formed to empower and strengthen females of all ages and backgrounds to acknowledge their self-worth. Educating them to develop social skills and achieve goals through leadership and mentoring all while building unified relationships and supporting one another.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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"SheWorth taught me how to forgive."

— She of SheWorth

"SheWorth strengthened my friendships."

— She of SheWorth

"It's nice to be around people my age and growing a bond with the girls."

— She of SheWorth

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Empower Our
Women And Girls

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Nicole Shaw is a blessed wife and mother of five children; ages twenty-three down to eight years old. Nicole is pursuing a vision given to her long ago before she had an understanding of why she felt a push to do so. With the help and support of her husband, sister, and children, she founded the nonprofit SheWorth. SheWorth was formed to empower and strengthen females of all ages and backgrounds to acknowledge their self-worth through education and leadership.


SheWorth is a dream come true after years of her working with young women developing a strong desire for change in the community. ”I am a biracial woman of an African American father and a Caucasian mother. From the age of seven to sixteen years old, I PASSED as a white girl. In 1992 at the age of sixteen, I had to relocate from an all-white school district due to racism. I learned I was denying ME. Feeling ashamed, less than, and insecure took me down many wrong paths to trying to find acceptance in others. Which is a road that never ends. I now know that this happened to me...but it’s not about me. I believe whatever the battle is in our soul, or what started it, in the minds of our youth, is what should be visited. We grow up into women with the girl inside who is still trapped. My life and story allow Me to identify with females on different levels about the things that aren’t so pretty behind the makeup. We must continuously instill and remind our little girls of their power for breaking the cycles! I am only just beginning.”

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